Floor resurfacing

No matter how strong your concrete floors are, they can become stained, chipped and worn out over time. Fortunately, resurfacing the work area is an effective way to keep your flooring in excellent condition for a long time. 

However, some business owners brush aside the idea of having their floors refinished, thinking that it simply improves the appearance of their facilities. Aside from that, some are not aware of commercial floor resurfacing at all. Instead, they believe that the only way to repair their commercial flooring is by pouring new concrete or getting a slab replacement, which can be quite expensive and time-consuming. 

In reality, commercial concrete floor resurfacing is an excellent way to not only prolong your concrete flooring’s lifespan but also bring down your expenses. It’s also a good way of reducing potential slip and fall. Here are some of the many ways resurfacing work area can save you money: 

It Keeps Costly Repairs at Bay 

Concrete floors are indeed designed to withstand significant foot traffic, weight or impact, but they are not immune to sustaining damages over time. With that said, you can keep your commercial concrete floors durable and increase their longevity by resurfacing them regularly or as soon as you notice cracks. Resolving these issues right away can help prevent the damage from worsening. 

Moreover, resurfacing work area is still a far more affordable and time-efficient way to fix damaged concrete compared to replacing your concrete floors altogether. It’s a quick fix that keeps your workspace durable, chip-free and visually appealing while helping you stay on budget.  

It Helps You Reduce Potential Workers’ Compensation Claims  

Accidents such as slips, trips and falls can happen anytime inside your workplace or facility. On that note, it helps to remember that employees who get injured on the job can be considered a workers’ compensation injury, which is then eligible for a compensation claim. 

But aside from giving the employees the comp benefits they rightfully deserve, you may also have to take care of other administrative expenses and damage to equipment. These expenses can pile up one after the other. 

With that said, you can minimize injuries and their accompanying claims by preventing accidents before they even occur. For example, investing in commercial concrete floor resurfacing allows you to repair cracked surfaces and slippery floors within your workplace, reducing potential slip and fall and making it a safe space for everyone. 

It Keeps Your Team Safe and Productive

As mentioned earlier, resurfacing your workplace does not simply enhance the appearance of your business. It can also help keep your facility free of cracks and slippery floors that pose tripping hazards. But more importantly, resurfacing your concrete floors makes them safe and compliant with the guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

As such, enlisting professional concrete floor resurfacing means can be one of your initiatives to ensure your facility is a safe space for your team to do their best work. And when you value keeping work space safe for employees, you can count on your team to reciprocate your efforts by doing their best work and contributing to the business. 

Avoid Unexpected Costs and Grow Your Business With the Right Concrete Resurfacing Solution

resurfacing work area

While commercial floor coating and resurfacing do improve the aesthetics of your workplace, these solutions can do so much more for your business. These can also help you steer clear of costly repairs and potential comp claims while keeping work space safe for employees.

If you are interested in learning more about commercial concrete floor resurfacing, Matrix Coating Solutions is here to discuss your needs. Whether you have a grocery store, commercial kitchen or an ambulance bay, we have the right resurfacing solution for your workplace. Contact us today to get a project evaluation