Matrix Commercial &

Industrial Solutions Concrete Floor Coating and Resurfacing

Matrix Commercial &

Industrial Solutions Concrete Floor Coating and Resurfacing

If you have a concrete floor in your business, then you need us.

Specializing in commercial and industrial applications, Matrix Coating Solutions, Inc. systems are designed to protect the concrete floors of light, medium or heavy-duty traffic areas, while providing an attractive finish.

Commercial Applications

Car dealers, grocery stores, oil change facilities, printers, commercial kitchens and anywhere else that a concrete floor is used, Matrix Coating Solutions, Inc. has a flooring system that will fit your needs.

Industrial Applications

Matrix Coating Solutions, Inc. systems are great for machine shops, manufacturing areas and loading docks where oil and grime typically eat away concrete flooring. Our flooring systems are also used for containment systems and other areas that need additional chemical resistance above that of standard epoxy flooring.

Decorative, heavy duty flooring is just a phone call away.

Polished Systems

Polished Systems are a sustainable flooring alternative with numerous benefits, including cost savings, increased resistance to high foot traffic, less maintenance and longer service life, resistance to moisture transmission issues and high light reflectivity. Polished concrete floors may look as smooth as glass, but they are completely safe to walk on when kept clean and dry. What’s more, they tend to be less slippery than waxed linoleum or polished marble.

400 Grit Satin

800 Grit Semi-Polished

1,500 Grit Highly-Polished

Stained Polish

Aggregate Exposure

Fine Aggregate (Salt and Pepper Finish)

Large Aggregate

Epoxy Systems

The benefits of utilizing an Epoxy system include enhanced appearance, ease of maintenance, impressive durability, cost effectiveness, increased productivity, improved safety, minimum business disruption and eco-friendliness.

Full Flake

Decorative Quartz

Solid Quartz

Solid Color

Clear Color


Urethane Mortar

Overlay Self-Leveling System

Sealed Concrete

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Floor Coating & Resurfacing Applications


From the assembly line to the showroom floor and every place in between, facilities that manufacture, sell, and repair automobiles must be equipped with flooring systems that can handle the unique demands of the automotive industry.

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Food & Beverage

From food processing and packaging plants to beverage production and bottling, the food and beverage industry brings its own unique set of problems and priorities.

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All manufacturing facilities must adhere to strict safety regulations that protect workers, products, delicate component, equipment, and eventually, consumers.

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