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All manufacturing facilities must adhere to strict safety regulations that protect workers, products, delicate component, equipment, and eventually, consumers. OSHA and other entities provide stringent protocols for manufacturers to follow, and these safety issues are only increased when it comes to facilities that manufacture electronics and semiconductors. Both for the products to function correctly, and for the protection of workers, static electricity and other variables need to be monitored and controlled. As part of a facility-wide program, conductive and electrostatic dissipative resinous flooring systems can help contribute to a safer environment in these settings.

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ESD Conductive ECE

Tennant ESD Conductive ECE (Electrostatic Conductive Epoxy) is a three coat, 30 mil, semi-gloss system with an epoxy topcoat of Eco-ECE™. ​

ESD Dissipative SCT

Tennant ESD Dissipative SCT (Static Control Topcoat) is a three coat, 35 mil system, with an epoxy topcoat of Eco-SCT™. This economical, aromatic system is available in a gloss finish.​

ESD Dissipative SDS

Tennant ESD Dissipative SDS (Static Dissipative System) is a three coat, 25 mil system, with a urethane topcoat of Eco-SDS™. This premier system is light stable, chemical resistant and is available in a satin finish.​

Quartz DB

Tennant Quartz DB (Double Broadcast) is a four layer, nominal 1/8" system, with a double broadcast of decorative quartz that covers the entire floor. This UV-resistant system provides durability and texture for added slip resistance and is available in either a gloss or satin finish. Choose from a wide variety of textures, solid quartz and quartz blend color options. ​

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